September 24, 2007

Humber Gets The Call For Wednesday

Charlie Nobels at writes about Philip Humber and his start this week:

Mets manager Willie Randolph has chosen to start rookie Philip Humber against the Nationals on Wednesday in what could be a crucial game for the Mets and their playoff hopes. It will be Humber's first career start. Randolph made the hunch decision on Saturday and announced it before Sunday's game against the Marlins.

"He'll get the ball and help us win a ballgame," Randolph said, noting that the decision came down to Humber or left-hander Dave Williams.


Anonymous said...

its about time

Anonymous said...

i bet that was a hard decision

The Coop said...

Has hell frozen over? I mean, Willie going with the young guy over the "proven vet?" Unless Omar basically said - you're starting Humber dammit!! LOL

fernando said...

Time to see what this kid is made out of!!
" Gut feeling" (Willie's saying): he'll be just fine! gotta believe!