September 18, 2007

I Have Become Un-Comfortably Numb

From Mets Merized Online

I'm not ready to jump off a ledge just yet, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit scared right now.

At a time when the Mets should be playing their bestbaseball, we have instead been witness to shoddy defense, horrendous relief pitching, and a lackluster approach at the plate. The Mets are reeling.

Jose Reyes has become a liability in September, Carlos Delgado is still a no-show after a dismal season at the plate, and nobody has stepped up on offense when it comes to leadership. Nobody.

Willie Randolph continues to say "it's no big deal", "this is baseball", "I'm not worried", "we'll be fine", should I continue with his keen observations?

It is a big deal... This is not baseball... I am worried... And I'm not so sure that we'll be fine.

The Mets' lead in the division has now fallen to 2 1/2 games. The odds that they will win the division have fallen dramatically in Las Vegas, despite the high hopes of their fans and the non-chalant attitudes of the players.

The Mets are taking everything for granted.

They have decided to give Pedro Martinez five days rest in between starts, despite the fact that Pedro was more than willing to go on four days like his other teammates in the rotation.

Willie Randolph keeps saying that El Duque is fine, but last night in the dugout, Hernandez was limping around and now sporting a boot on his foot. El Duque said he is not close to being ready to pitch after last nights game.

That adds up to at least four more starts from Brian Lawrence and Mike Pelfrey in the final 13 games with the Phillies breathing down their necks. How does that float your boat?

The greatest thrill that the Marlins and Nationals can squeeze out of their dismal seasons, would be to derail the Mets' playoff run. Each team's managers have openly talked about it and used it to rally their teams one final time before closing out the 2007 season. They are playing for pride, pulling out all the stops, and would consider it a badge of honor to sink the Mets.

Despite an inconsistent starting rotation and an awful bullpen, the Phillies are going for broke. Unlike the Mets who have nobody willing to step up and lead, the Phillies' Jimmy Rollins, Aaron Rowand, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley have all been vocal in the clubhouse and in the press about their next 12 games. "If we need to score 10 runs per game to overcome our poor pitching then that's what we'll do." They also get their young phenom Cole Hamels back in their rotation tonight after missing a month of action.

Are you wondering what the Mets have to say about their latest crisis?

Here is what Paul Lo Duca said last night after the game.

"We get paid a lot of money and we're not playing the game the right way. We're lackadaisical on defense. We swung the bats a little better tonight, but it just seems like we're not really playing to win. It needs to turn around quickly or we're going to be going home."

Going home?? Did I hear that correctly?

The usually upbeat and positive David Wright added this...

"We keep shooting ourselves in the foot. The intensity is there. The will to win is there. I just don't think the execution is there."

The exceution is not there? With only two weeks left to the season??

So there you have it. The two most vocal players on the team sounding like they are jumping off of a sinking ship. Not exactly the kind of inspiring words I was hoping to hear after another Mets meltdown.


Anonymous said...

i dont know what to say

Anonymous said...

i am really starting to panic

Anonymous said...

if no one saw us losing yesterday with lawrence on the mound then you need your head examined

John Young said...

Well put anonymous, I was saying that at work yesterday.

Anonymous said...

still sucks though

The Coop said...

With Lawrence on the mound...I had to say I saw him pitch in Milwaukee and although I threatened to drink Miller Park dry, i didn't have to, he did OK. Not great, not bad, just OK. He did enough. That said, why on god's green earth wasn't Humber out there? At least if someone is going to blow a game wide open, we can say, OH well it was his first start. But suffice to say I think he gives us a better chance than white flag lawrence.

Now as far as I see, DW has been very vocal about the losses here. He publicly said we got embarrassed out there. Well I have to disagree. Yes they were embarassed, but the only team embarrassing them was THEMSELVES. what was it like 95 errors in two games (which 90 were committed on Sunday). ENOUGH.

Face facts - they haven't played like a first place team since June and we were lucky. Now when the games count, its like - we're not executing? Dude, do us all a favor and just gracefully bow out of the competition if that's your theory. No need to waste our time, energy and money in the postseason, esp if you are cashing it in now.

If you can, stop by my blog and read my posting back in June on BP's Posse. Pretty much says it all. Later ~ Coop