September 05, 2007

Lo Duca For Roberto Clemente Award

Anthony Di Como at writes about Paul Lo Duca and his nomination for the Roberto Clemente Award:

Far removed from the sterile world of hospital beds and heart monitors -- the world where Paul Lo Duca usually gives back -- the Mets catcher was caught off guard last month when a group of sick children wandered onto the field at Shea Stadium.

These were the children whose lives, thanks to Lo Duca, had been changed. So when one little girl in particular spotted the catcher, she wasn't shy about running over and greeting her hero.

"She came up and just said, 'I want to give you a big hug,'" Lo Duca said. "She was only like a 9-year-old girl and she was very sick, and I almost started crying."

The award recognizes the player who best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual's contribution to his team. It is named in honor of the former Pirates outfielder whose spirit and goodwill will always be remembered. Clemente died in a plane crash while attempting to transport relief supplies to earthquake-stricken Nicaragua on Dec. 31, 1972. The winner will be announced during the World Series.


Anonymous said...

lets make it 2 years in a row!!!

Anonymous said...

who won it last year?

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