September 11, 2007

Lo Duca Would Play For Less Money

Mark Hale at The New York Post writes about the expiring contract of Paul Lo Duca and his ambition to remain a Met:

There are only 19 games left in the season, and there remains no contract talks between free agent-to-be Paul Lo Duca and the Mets.

"We weren't going to talk till the end of the season," Lo Duca said, "and I don't think anything's gone since."

Lo Duca has always said he wants to be back with the Mets, and yesterday he praised the fans and said he's been appreciative of them. He even said he would take a discount to remain.

"Money's not an issue to me right now," he said. "I would come back here and play for less money."


Anonymous said...

i want to see him come back

Anonymous said...

the fire cracker cant leave now

Anonymous said...