September 12, 2007

Pedro Means That Much To The Mets

Over at Mets Geek they write an interesting article about Pedro Martinez and what he brings to the Mets:

I must admit I was one of the people who said that Pedro will not make a difference, he won’t be ready, and we can’t count on him and so on. Since Pedro has returned he is 2-0 with a 1.80 ERA. But more importantly The Mets have won 9 out of 11 and seem to be playing the best baseball this year. What is the deal? It seems that just having Pedro around has given new life to a team that seemed to be struggling even though they are in first place. Since he has returned the team seems to be having more fun but focused at the same time.

Last year it seemed like we were going to the World Series as we spanked the Dodgers but then things changed. Was it the fact that Pedro was not around? Tome it seemed that the team got tighter as we played The Cardinals but who really knows? I guess we will know more as the 2007 playoff time comes and
we try to get to the World Series. Can having Pedro here with us make that big a difference this year?


Anonymous said...

lets hope so

Anonymous said...

im sure having alou and anderson back doesnt hurt

Anonymous said...

true but we havent gone on a run like this all season

Anonymous said...

good points but it still boils down to pedro being back