September 04, 2007

Reds Thoughts On Pedro's Return

Jeremy Cothran at The Star Ledger writes about Pedro Martinez and what the Reds thoughts on his start:

Catcher Scott Hatteberg, one of Martinez's strikeout victims, caught the right-hander while the pair played for the Red Sox. His assessment of the outing hovered around average.

"I've faced him. I've caught him," Hatteberg said. "I know him pretty well. From my perspective, he's got a long way to go, to get back to the stuff that (he's done)."

What impressed Hatteberg was Martinez's pitching ability, the way he outfoxed the Reds lineup that was aggressive from the onset.

"What he hasn't lost is his ability to pitch," the catcher said. "The guy just flat out knows how to pitch."


Anonymous said...

at any rate he pitched great

Anonymous said...

better than i would have expected

Anonymous said...

still needs some work though

Anonymous said...

right but its just good to have him in the clubhouse again