September 24, 2007

A Sense Of Loyalty Won't Allow Alou's Dad To Watch Him Play

From Dave At Mets Lifer (Network Member):

At a time when scandals and "me first" attitudes plague professional sports, a fantastic article was written this morning in the New York Times by Jack Curry about Felipe Alou and how he won't go watch his son play in person.

No it's not some father jealous of his son story. It's about a man who feels his job prevents him from watching his son play. Felipe Alou is still employed by the San Francisco Giants as a special assistant and feels it would be a conflict of interest to go watch his son play while still "on the clock" for the Giants.

The article goes on to detail the relationship between the Alous and how tough it is for Felipe not to go see Moises play. Overall this is a great article that details the amazing feelings a father has for a son who's a major league baseball player.

I've always like Felipe Alou and this article only increases his stature in my eyes. Let's hope the Giants give him a break and let him see Alou in the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

good article just like you said

Anonymous said...

thats a hard to make that kind of decision

Anonymous said...

im sure alou understands why his dad cant

Anonymous said...

they probably tape the games