September 21, 2007

The Sociological Effect of the Mets Collapse


In the New York Times this morning a piece was written by N.R. Kleinfeld that compared the recent Mets collaps with other major collapses in history and their sociological effect on those directly impacted by the situation.

The article closes with this final thought:

Regardless of whether the [Mets] collapse happens, it may not be all that stinging. “When people’s baseball teams don’t do very well, my educated guess is 100 percent of people come back exactly to the level of happiness they had,” said Mr. Gilbert, the Harvard psychology professor. “After all, there is next season.”

Tell me this guy isn't a Cubs fan?

The article basically talks about how a collapse, whether it be sports related or economy related, effects people drastically in the short term, but usually the collapse is followed by a drastic improvement over a period of time.

Let's hope that improvement comes quickly and lasts through October.


Anonymous said...

that may be true but we still dont want that time of pain

praying said...

i second that thought

Anonymous said...

hopefully it doesnt happen intooctober as well