September 20, 2007

Wilpon On The Mets

John Heyman at Sports Illistrated writes about Jeff Wilpon and how he views the Mets struggles recently:

"I'm disappointed with the way the team is performing overall, and that's everyone, top to bottom,'' Mets COO Jeff Wilpon told before Wednesday's much-needed win expanded New York's NL East lead over Philadelphia to 2½ games. "I'm disappointed in Omar, Willie, the players ... that's everyone. We shouldn't be in this position. But we are. We've got to fight our way out and pull this out.''


Anonymous said...

completely dissapointed

Anonymous said...

he has every right because its his money

George Castanza said...

Yeah he has every right to be, but now is not the time to start putting more pressure on them. I mean if your dissappointed talk to the team don't call them out in the papers. Thats just dumb.

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