September 17, 2007

Zeph's season over several players Recalled

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Network Member):

David Newhan, Anderson Hernandez, Joe Smith and Brian Lawrence joined the Mets today after the Zephyrs season came to an end. Smith and Newhan both played in today's game, with Newhan pinch hitting and Smith pitching a scoreless inning of relief. As reported in my last post Lawrence will start tomorrow. So that appears to be the call ups this year barring an injury replacement, so who got snubbed; Andy Tracy and Fernando Tatis both veterans had excellent years and could have had a courtesy call up. Chip Ambres had that walk off winning hit in his one major league game but has not returned since. Newly acquired but both with major league experience Chad Hermansen and Luis Matos could have come up. Although Ramon Castro returned today he's still injured and his availability is in question so maybe veteran catcher Shawn Wooten could have come up to work with all the pitchers in the pen and maybe show what he has. As far as the pitchers, Jon Adkins, dave Williams and Jason Vargas are the biggest surprises all have experience and with the pen struggling I'd have thought they'd give everyone a try. Steve Schmoll is on the DL or I would have expected to see him. Mulvey, Cullen and Muniz are all youngsters that were solid in the pen. But the Mets don't like a crowded bench so they limit the call ups and this appears to be it for this year......

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good to see smith back