October 03, 2007

Andruw Jones Anyone?

John Delcos at Lo Hud writes about Andruw Jones and asks, "Should the Mets go after him?":

Andruw Jones did not have a good season for the Atlanta Braves, but is still a great player. To me, that he’s 30-years old means off-year instead of career slide.

He’d want a pile of money, but I’d consider him and moving Carlos Beltran to right field. At 30, Jones still has a lot of good years remaining. And, taking him away from the Braves would be a bonus.

Yeah, the Mets need pitching, but this could solidify their outfield and enable them to deal a prospect like Lastings Milledge and/or Carlos Gomez for an arm.

I’d think about this one seriously.


Anonymous said...

if the mets decide to trade beltran then this is the guy to get

Anonymous said...

i can smell remnance of mike cameron in right field all over again

Anonymous said...

could be interesting to look into but i still want pitching first

Anonymous said...

same way i feel man

Anonymous said...

i dont want one of the jones's on this team

Anonymous said...

we may be able to get him at a little lower price because of his season