October 19, 2007

Crawford Available?

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (network member):

Scot Gregor of the Daily Herald discusses possible trade candidates for Jon Garland two that he mentioned were Mike Bourn and Bill Hall. Kenny Williams is said to be looking for a speedy, major league ready center fielder and for Garland, I'd think Milledge would be available. Like I said in prior posts if Milledge goes, the team could use a Guillen/Green platoon in right field, with Alou/Chavez in left. There's at least six teams looking at Garland and the price might just become too steep. The other pitcher the Sox are looking to move is Jose Contreras, if Omar decides they need an innings eating veteran for the fifth starters role, I'd rather see them sign Livan. Contreras and Hernandez are basically the same pitcher and all Hernandez will cost is money.

But the name that jumped out at me is Carl Crawford, if he is available the Mets should go after him hard. I posted about Crawford at the trade deadline in a post title "whispers from tampa- Crawford" and at the same time Always Amazin's Ryan McConnell had a post titled the Silly Season in which he was hearing a rumor, which he didn't put much weight in about a possible Crawford trade at his workplace.

The 26 y/o lefty is a six year, major league veteran all with the Devil Rays. He has a lifetime BA .296 but every year his average has increased; "04" -.296, "05"- .301, "06"- .305 and last year .315. He's averaging approx. 50 SB , 15 HRs and 65 RBIs per year.

Should a trade for Hall not be available, the Sox still have plenty of other options in their search for outfielders.

Forget about free agents such as Aaron Rowand and Torii Hunter. They are too expensive, and neither have the young legs the White Sox are looking for.

The Sox might make another attempt at getting Carl Crawford in a trade with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

The Philadelphia Phillies are another team to keep an eye on. The Phillies again need starting pitching, and they could offer the White Sox outfielder Michael Bourn, who has speed to burn.


Anonymous said...

if that were at all possible i would have to say go go go

Anonymous said...

that would be one hell of a one two punch in the batting order

Anonymous said...

nice rumor but i dont see it happening

Anonymous said...

this smells like last off season

The Coop said...

I have been screaming for Jon Garland this whole offseason (OK, so for like the last two weeks). The Mets should do it. I hate to part with Milledge but if they can take a Gomez and maybe some scrub and cash, I think the CWS might jump on it. They are certainly in rebuilding mode, Garland can easily be dominant in the NL and refill those "lost" 200+ innings from Glavine. Think they'd want Delgado for basically nothing LOL? Just kidding. Anyway on Crawford I could REALLY see parting with Milledge if there were something in the works for him. Only probs is that the DRays have done business with us before (I forget who was involved in that trade though...ok, so I've blocked it out LOL ;-) ). But they want a Kazmir for Zambrano deal every time with us. That aint happenin. I mean, I hate to say it, Crawford is their marquee player, they'd definitely start at Reyes. I don't think I'm kidding either. But definitely Garland and DEFINITELY Crawford if he's attainable.

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