October 18, 2007

Delgado For Figins?

Chris Caraballo at Let's Blog Mets writes about a trade between the Mets and the Angels:

Delgado, 35, completed his worst statistical season since 1996 (.270, 25 HR’s, 92 RBI); which is still very good production, but can he bounce back in 2008 to the Delgado of old? His comments regarding the Mets being “bored” at times certainly doesn’t help him either.

Figgins, 29, is coming off a career high .330 batting average; where in only 115 games stole 41 stolen bases for the Angels and has produced in his 4 years as a full time player averaging .295, 10 HR’s, 60 RBI, 92 Runs, and 47 SB’s. He would be a perfect #2 hitter in the Mets lineup and gives Willie Randolph lots of flexibility.

This trade works for both teams. For the Mets Figgins would become the everyday 2nd baseman, replacing Luis Castillo. Figgins also is a “jack of all trades” player, the Mets could potentially use him anywhere in the event of injuries (Alou) and play Gotay at 2nd. He and Reyes would be a dynamic 1-2 punch at the top of the order. Can you envision 120 SB between them? The Mets would create a void at 1B, they could try to acquire Tampa Bay’s Carlos Pena, or a big name free agent like Adam Dunn for some power if the Reds do not retain him before free agency.

For the Angels, they would be acquiring the power type bat they are desperately looking for to help Vladimir Guerrero. With players like Maicer Izturis (2B, 3B), Howie Kenderick (2B), and Erik Aybar (2B, 3B), the Angels could afford to trade Figgins to acquire the middle of the order bat they are looking for.


Anonymous said...

the angels will never do it

Anonymous said...

im sure the mets would love this trade but not the angels