October 11, 2007

Gorzelanny Would Fit Well

Arbitration time is a good way of luring a low budget team to trade away a player that they don’t want to pay out of pocket for and the Pittsburgh Pirates are a good enough target as any.

David Rubin has brought to my attention that Tom Gorzelanny is only one year away from is arbitration period and a perfect candidate to take a spot in the rotation if Orlando Hernandez makes his way to the bullpen, as I would love to see.

Gorzelanny is a good ground bal pitcher, unlike the rest of the Mets staff, and would be a good change of pace for the Mets and probably a great change of scenery for Gorzelanny.

Gorzelanny made his debut in 2006, replacing Oliver Perez in the rotation. He wound up going 2-5, with a 3.79 ERA. In 2007, he fared much better in the win/loss columns going 14-10 and had a 3.88 ERA.

This is just the pitcher the Mets would need to compliment their youth movement. With my last post included, the Mets could be set with four starters under the age of thirty and be set up for the future so they could focus on getting some position players for the 2009 season.


Anonymous said...

two good ideas at once...

Anonymous said...

Gorzo should come over to the winning side and join his fellow pirate