October 24, 2007

Phillies Not Pursuing Rowand

So according to Sports Illustrated, the Phillies aren’t going to be pursuing Aaron Rowand in the Off Season.

Before I start my rant, if you would like to catch up on Rowand, I have an article I wrote a little while ago that showcases him and gives you a little background on his career (The Mets Need Aaron Rowand).

The deal with the Phillies and Rowand is a simple economic problem and solution. Rowand wants a substantial contract. Somewhere in the range of five to six years, worth roughly $70MM to $85MM. In retrospect, the Phillies have a younger and more importantly a cheaper option in Shane Victorino.

If this is truly the only reason that the Phillies aren’t going to pursue Aaron Rowand, then the Mets should pounce on him with such a deal (5 years $70MM).


Anonymous said...

sounds good to me

Anonymous said...

what about gomez, milledge and martinez???

Anonymous said...

right will be open after next season and they should trade milledge so gomez can take that spot