October 29, 2007

Mets Would Be Foolish To Sign A-Rod

Ted Berg at SNY writes about the Mets and how signing Alex Rodriguez would be a mistake:

There's simply not a big enough sample size to prove that A-Rod is or will continue to be less stellar in the postseason than he is in the regular season.

But the Mets would be foolish to sign him, MVP or not. The Amazins have young stars at both positions A-Rod is qualified to play -- third base and shortstop -- and talk of moving either David Wright or Jose Reyes to second base, or another team, to make room for Rodriguez strikes me as silly. The Mets already tried to move Reyes to second, and the switch clearly affected his confidence at the plate and arguably led to an injury-plagued season that may have hindered his development. Wright is a consummate professional and would probably be able to handle the adjustment, but don't forget that we've seen him struggle with confidence before. Frankly, Wright is so good and so young that I wouldn't want to do anything that could possibly throw him off his game -- like signing A-Rod. On top of that, the mega-deal A-Rod will certainly command will not only prevent the team from adding talent elsewhere, but may very likely become an albatross as the future Hall of Famer ages.


Anonymous said...

the way we treated beltran would magnify if a rod were to have that kind of season

Anonymous said...

lety him sign with boston and get it over with

Anonymous said...

go away a-rod

Anonymous said...

i think he will be going to the cubs more than boston