October 03, 2007

My List Of Demands To Willie Randolph

from MetsLifer.com

Ok, Willie. Now you can go take a vacation since Omar has announced that you're not going to be fired (yet). But don't think that you can go manage this team the same way you did this year.

Nope. Some changes need to be made. There's no negotiating these points. It's my way or the highway. So read them carefully. Memorize them. Tattoo them on your body if that's what it takes. I want these points to roll off your tongue as if you were naming your children.

Here are my demands:

1. Bunt more - You have possibly the fastest team in baseball next year if Reyes, Gomez, & Chavez are all back on the team. And them with Wright, Beltran and possibly Gotay and you have 6 guys who can steal 20 bases. Don't be afraid to bunt, especially if Chavez/Gomez/Reyes are on 3rd base and there's only 1 out. You'll add more runs and avoid more double plays. You'll thank me for this later when you win manager of the year.

2. Erase Guillermo Mota from your memory - Guillermo who? That's right. Never heard of him. Is he a hot shot second baseman? No? Then I'm not interested.

3. Demand bullpen help from Omar - Omar preaches pitching but come the trading deadline we got Jeff Conine. You've got to let Omar what you need to win. Sometimes he gets his own ideas. Speak up, be heard.

4. Bring back Luis Castillo - The guy's legs are going to fall off at any second, but he'd still bat .300 for this team. He's the kind of no nonsense, get the job done while sacrificing yourself type of player that New York loves, and needs. Think Mark Bavaro at second base. He's the only guy who consistently came through down the stretch outside of Wright & Beltran.

5. Defend your guys - Willie you're always quick to say that Mota's "your guy" or these are "my guys" and I'm sticking with them. Well show them some support from time to time on the field. Marlon Anderson & Paul Lo Duca are getting hosed by the umpires and you lally gag out on the field and don't even put up an argument. Get tossed from a game once in a while. The fans will love you for it. I know this against every fiber of your being, but we need to see your passion in more than words in a post game interview.

6. Bring back Marlon Anderson - This guy is our modern day Rusty Staub. He doesn't have to start a game the whole year and he'd come through in the clutch for us. Must have.

7. Have faith in your young studs - Milledge can play. Gomez has got talent. Gotay has got skills. Don't be afraid to let them play. Milledge was leading the team in batting with runners in scoring position and you buried him in the 8th spot or made him platoon with Damion Easley in right. If they show they can play, let them. I want you to protect them and not force them into the spotlight too early, but please let them help us win ball games. We don't want any more Julio Franco's or Jeff Conine's, old veterans who are supposed to add help but end up just hurting. Youth movement my friend. Remember these youths turn into pretty good veterans.

8. Tell Mike and the Mad Dog No More Interviews - Tell WFAN you'll do all your interviews with Steve Sommers or Joe Baningo. Until Mike and the Mad Dog become decent radio personalities again, you're cutting them off. They want to hate the Mets, let them. But you don't have to feed their fury.

Those are my demands, Mr. Randolph. You've got all offseason to work on them.

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Anonymous said...

now all you need to do is to fax it to him