October 17, 2007

Sometimes The Nation Nails It

Apparently, some reporters and beat writers (ESPN, MLB Trade Rumors and Fox Sports) are starting to sense that a deal for Joe Blanton could be made between the Mets and Athletics, as I said about a week ago (Blanton Would Be A Good Fit).

In my article I wrote the following:

Blanton pitched two hundred and thirty innings this past season and held a 14-10 record with a 3.95 ERA. Switching from the American to the National League should lower his ERA to somewhere in the 3.50 range and would match up well with the Mets other young guns (John Maine and Oliver Perez) in making a young core of pitchers that the Mets can hold onto for years to come.

Although Blanton’s future is a middle of the rotation kind of pitcher, he could have a promising career with the Mets and their pitcher friendly Shea Stadium and soon Citifield.

This is almost exactly what they have provided to you, the reader, to mull over and contemplate as the Off Season nears.

I still do feel like such a deal could be made. However, The Mets have stated in the past that they are only interested in Rich Harden and Danny Haren. Although they did say this, with the departure of their only 200 plus innings pitcher, I think that those statements will be retracted and they will pursue the Athletics’ durable right handed pitcher.


Anonymous said...

i have always liked blanton and felt that the mets should have traded milledge for blanton last season

Anonymous said...

i guess you guys are starting see through the fog

Anonymous said...

You do realize people have been linking the Mets to Blanton for like a year now, right?