October 01, 2007

This Is Tom Glavine

From Dave at Mets Lifer (network Member):

Here's a quote from Tom Glavine after yesterday's game:

“I’m not devastated. I’m disappointed, but devastation is for much greater things in life. I’m disappointed, obviously, in the way I wanted to pitch. I can’t say there is much more I would have done differently.”

Breakout the pitchforks, I'm gathering a hunting party and we won't stop until we find Glavine.

Can you believe this? Even if this is what you think, you don't say that to the New York media after you single-handedly ruined the lives of every Mets fan on the planet.

Bryan and I have talked repeatedly about how Glavine was a guy you never truly accepted as a true Met. But this year he had me fooled. I started thinking this guy was coming around. Nope.

He wanted to go to Atlanta after last year, but they didn't want him. He came to the Mets for the money, but always wished he stayed with the Braves.

But guess what will be more memorable for Mets fans, Glavine winning his 300th game as a Met or what he did on Sunday? I don't even have to answer that.


Anonymous said...

glavine should be embarrased

Anonymous said...

can you say retirement

Anonymous said...

what was he thinking? i wouldnt change anything? that is just crazy talk

Anonymous said...

no chance at coming to the mets next year glavine

Brendan said...

I go to the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony every year. when he gets in Im bringing a huge sign with his statline from that day and the quote "I wouldn't change anything."