November 28, 2007

Beane Could Move Haren And Blanton

David Lennon at Newsday writes about the Mets pursuit of a starting pitcher and how Billy Beane might be moving both Dan Haren and Joe Blanton:

With few other places to turn for an elite starter, Minaya is at the mercy of Beane, whose demands will be steep. Unlike past years, when Beane was forced to act because of pending free agency, both Haren and Blanton aren't necessarily going anywhere.

One person familiar with the A's thinking said yesterday that if Beane does decide to trade one of the pitchers, it is very likely he could move both to completely restock for the future. That would be good news for the Mets, who will be competing with the other teams that fail to get Santana.


Anonymous said...

nice pipe dream but i dont see them getting both

Anonymous said...

we can all hope

Anonymous said...

haren and blanton??? that would be awsome, but it would probably cost us the farm