November 28, 2007

Beane Wants Quantity For Haren Or Blanton

David Lennon at On The Mets Beat writes about tthe A's and what they want forDan Haren and Joe Blanton:

What the Mets lack in quality, they could make up in quantity, and Beane is looking for numbers. With GM Omar Minaya desperately seeking a front of the rotation starter, he may be forced to unload two major-league ready players like Lastings Milledge and Aaron Heilman, along with two more like Carlos Gomez and Kevin Mulvey.

Seem like too much? Get used to it. Teams like the A's and Twins will be looking to rob the big-market teams and somebody is bound to hand over the farm to them. If not the Mets, then the Yankees, Dodgers, Angels or Red Sox will. That's the reality of a paper-thin pitching market this offseason.


Anonymous said...

its just something that were going to have to suck up and deal with because beane holds all the chips right now

Anonymous said...

truer words have not been spoken