November 19, 2007

Castillo Is Back

At they write about Luis Castillo coming back to the Mets for four years:

Second baseman Luis Castillo decided to stay with the New York Mets, reaching a preliminary agreement Sunday night on a $25 million, four-year contract, according to the Associated Press.

Castillo also won three Gold Gloves and provided steady defense up the middle with shortstop Jose Reyes despite playing on a sore knee that limited his speed. The 32-year-old hit .316 in September, one of the few Mets who came through as the team collapsed and blew a seven-game lead.


Anonymous said...

well he was the best choice

Anonymous said...

is ihis knees gonna survive 4 yeears

Anonymous said...

hopefully this dosnt fall apart too

Zach said...

This was a huge mistake. I'm tired of hearing this "great number 2 hitter" crap. Castillo in the number 2 spot in the lineup will have significantly more AB's during the course of the season than Beltran and Alou. The new sabermetric school, but apparently not Minaya, knows this: the number 2 guy should ideally have high OPS: Castillo's expected OBP is pretty decent at .375 -- but his slugging percentage is UNDER .400. The guy simply doesn't hit for extra bases, and is unable to pull the ball. He also struck out more than usual last year, so that tells you he's losing bat speed. And he's NOT A GREAT DEFENDER! He made two of the biggest errors in the entire Mets season last year: he botched a play in game 3 of the second Phillies sweep in August, and then he botched a double play ball from Pujols in the make-up game against the Cardinals in which Pedro pitched his heart out. He ended up giving up 2 runs and throwing a ton of pitches in the very first inning. Remarkably, he held the Cards to just one more run thru seven innings after that. Finally, all Mets fans can't help but associate the guy with the most shameful collapse in the history of organized sports. We needed new blood. But now that he's with us until he's old enough to join the AARP, I hope Willie wises up and bats him eighth. (I would do what Tony LaRussa started doing at the end of the year, and actually bat him ninth: this way if the seventh hitter gets on, the pitcher can bunt him over, and Castillo can possibly drive him home with a cheap single, which is the best he can do. Or else, if the pitcher gets on, Castillo can bunt him over to second for Reyes, which he can do, and is more useful than being able to bunt with Reyes on, since Reyes should just steal). Milledge should bat second: sandwiched btwn Reyes and Wright, he'll see more fastballs. And he's probably faster than Castillo.