November 09, 2007

Delgado To The Tigers?

Mark Healey at Gotham Baseball writes about a possible trade between the Mets and Tigers:

There are some rumblings that the Tigers are asking the Mets -- given their interest in A-Rod -- if they have any plans to deal Carlos Delgado, because if they do, seems that they would offer the Mets Placido Polanco or Carlos Guillen to play 2B in return.

This is an exploratory thing, but interesting it may be an indicator if the A-Rod chase is real.

My two cents, I really like Guillen, but I think they'd rather keep him, even though he's only played 12 games or so in his career as a 2B....Polanco is a better fit for NY's needs, IMO.

The talks, I'm told, could expand to include a reliever as well.


Anonymous said...

do it a million times over

Anonymous said...

polanco batted over 340 this past it omar...make the team better

Anonymous said...

whos gonna play first then

Anonymous said...

let andy tracy give it a shot or go and get a cheap first baseman on the market

Anonymous said...

sounds good to me if its polanco and a reliever