November 05, 2007

Hello Shea Nation!

Hello Mets fans and Shea Nation. This is Rob Milelli and I'm writing my first blog for Shea Nation. I have been an avid mets fan for years and wanted to share my opinion with people in the blog. So let's get started:

Johan Santana: An amazing pitcher, best in the game by far. I would definitely love to acquire him in a trade. Here's the deal, the rumors of Reyes going along with one of the outfield prospects are hopefully false. Nor would I want to give up Reyes. As awful as he was in the stretch of the season when we needed him, when we were winning, Reyes was hitting, stealing, and scoring. He is the spark plug on the Mets. Santana will most likely stay a Twin, unfortunately, and will be a free agent after the year. Unless the Twins do dismal up to the trading deadline, I see him staying a Twin the whole year.

Alex Rodriguez: Alex Rodriguez is definitely the best player in baseball; he is the most consistent as well as the best run producer. I love this guy...but I would not move David Wright to adapt Rodriguez to the Mets. I also don't think Rodriguez or Wright would do well in any other position than third, even at SS for Rodriguez. He hasn't played it for years and his body is too big for a short stop now. His stipulations are way to steep for the Mets to acquire him. I would rather save the money, sign bullpen, and wait for Santana if he becomes available in a year.

Top Prospects: The Mets are loaded with prospects in their organization. Lastings Milledge, Phillip Humber, Carlos Gomez, Mike Pelfrey, and Fernando Martinez. All of these players should make the top 100 prospects list, and deserve to be there. Milledge, although he has fallen since his once number 1 status, he still is an outfielder that can play ball, and he proved that when the season was in its whims. He may not be the best ever again, but he can obviously play, if his attitude stays the same. Carlos Gomez is fast, real fast. He also can't be judged after his first major league season. He is going to be a great player, Reyes status. Once the kid learns to hit for average at the big leagues you will see him again, and probably will not be sent back down. Although, I think it is rightfully said he is not developed yet and will need more time in the minors. Fernando Martinez is suppose to be the next big thing. How people can tell when a kid is 18, I don't know, but hitting in AA at age 18 is a phenomenal thing. He is suppose to be better than all of them. Now you can make a case to trade all of these players, but I would be upset to see them go. At most, trade one, but it better be for a promising prospect or an established young veteran. Now on to the pitchers. Mike Pelfrey showed he can pitch 4 wonderful innings. He has not learned to go much farther than that, but that's ok. He showed great stuff, and mind you he was drafted 2 years ago. He will get better and might even be on the rotation next year. His trade value might not be huge like the rest of them, which is a value for us. We will be able to keep him and he will help us in the immediate future. Phillip Humber has shown me wonders. The guy has an outstanding curve ball. All he needs to do it work on his other pitches and establish them. I can see him being on the big league roster by next year's end. Pitching is obviously what the Mets need, and to trade these two would be a mistake. I think Humber will be great and you won't get Pelfrey's value in return.

Well that's my opinion on some of the Mets talk thats up in the year. Of course everyone feels they can be the best GM for their team, me included, but thats not always the case. LET'S GO METS!!


Anonymous said...

nice introduction and covering the bases lets get down to the grind

Anonymous said...

no way is pelfrey in the top 100

Anonymous said...

a-rod is a must!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

why dont we hear any carlos silva rumors? hes a good young free agent pitcher