November 01, 2007

Is THIS What You Want To See?

With all apologies for my rushed photo-shopping, I am not going to say a word about the possibility of A-Rod coming to the Mets...I've simply offered up this photo, and want to hear from YOU - either WHY the Mets SHOULD sign A-Rod, or why they SHOULDN'T sign A-Rod. The best response, in 200 words or less, will be taken from the comments section and we'll offer the author a chance at a full opinion piece on why we either should or shouldn't sign him. If you can make a better photo, please email it to us and we'll also use it for the article and give you credit! Now get writing!!!!


ANG said...

Sign A-Rod b/c he is the best player in MLB. You can't argue the numbers he will bring. With the focus on him Beltran can focus on playing the game the way we know he can. Alex plays 3rd base. David moves to 1st. Sorry Carlos but you have to go. I know we will end up eating most of his salary but again the best player in MLB. Luis should be resigned along with Paul LoDuca. YOu can sign Torrealba as a backup or Micheal Barrett. I belive Ramon will move on to a become a starter elsewhere. Sign Marlon Anderson, and pick up the option on Shawn Green. Trade Gotay (sorry to see him go), Milledge, Pelfrey or Humber and Heilman to the Twins for Santana. This should be enough to get him. If both pitchers have to go then so be it maybe we can get a prospect in return as well. I would like to sign Livan Hernandez, he wants to play with his brother so might take less money. He eats innings which is great for the bullpen. Speaking of the pen if should shape up as so. Wagner, Sanchez, Feliciano, Schoeneweis, El Duque and resign Sosa. Joe Smith is also an option.


El Duque
*Joe Smith


Marlon Anderson
Damion Easley
Endy Chavez
Backup Catcher
Jose Valentin

Green stays b/c he is a cheap option for the OF until Gomez is ready to take over fulltime. He can also backup at first. He is great in the clubhouse as well.

Again A-Rod makes this lineup incredible and adds much relief to the other guys. If your lineup ends with Green and LoDuca then you are in really good shape. Check that great shape. Maybe A-Rod hasn't found his nitch b/c he was playing on the wrong teams. The Mets can and will be his team.

ANG said...

As for Delgaod I would try to trade him to an AL team and get prospects or bullpen help. The A's come to mind could use a power bat that can play first.

Jimmy said...

I don't think this is a matter of should we sign A-Rod but rather why shouldn't we sign A-Rod? I think this a matter that has to be broken up into several questions to understand better.

His Production..... A-Rod is going to be the AL MVP this year, hands down, not even Maggy-O comes close. With all this talk about the NL being weaker than the AL, how bout we sign one of the greatest players in the AL.

But wouldn't he cost too much? Not really, he would pay for himself(according to Boras)and the Met's are getting about $30 mil from Not to mention all the revenue he can generate for SNY & new Citi-Field. In fact, a person familiar with the Mets situation has already stated that the Mets are not concerned about the monetary cost of signing A-Rod, but rather how it will effect the ball club.

What are we going to with D-wright or Jose when he comes?
Absolutely nothing, brooklyn Mets fan, best said it, if A-rod were to come over to the team he rooted for as a child and acknowledge that he is the veteran and accept a move to 1st base, it would do wonders for public relations.

What about Delgado & prodcution from the left side of the plate?
Delgado's production has hit a decline, whether it's a one year fluke or age his produciton is going to be offset by A-Rod's production. We can trade Delgado to Minn so Johan in a package with some other prospects and pay some of his contract,we're also getting some money from Florida this year for him. We can also bring back Cliff Floyd for a platoon situation for the outfield, and have super-clutch Anderson to play for tough right handers.

He's a Yankee and I hate him....
People forget about two of the best Mets of all time, Strawberry & Doc. They left us to go to them so why not get one of their best players.

He's a cancer on the club house and the "lightning rod" will bring more negative than positive to the club house....

This might be the case but the man is about to sign one of the biggest contracts in baseball history, I think that he should be willing to accept certain P/R instructions from the Mets (like how Wright was told to keep quiet). He would need to work on just more than his batting and fielding for $30 mill a year, why can't this be one of the things he works on.

He stinks in the postseason.....
Yeah, but I think all mets fans can understand that we need to get there before we can even start assuming that he'll stink. It's all mental, when a player is that great in the regular season and so bad in the post season, it has to be mental. Maybe a change of scenary will help with his mental problems.

The acquisition of A-rod will help in other ways as well, when you read the reason's Gomez and certain other player's choose the Mets over other clubs, they choose cause of Pedro, what other can we attract with not only our team right now but with also A-rod?

Daren said...

While I respect the Mets brass for turning over every free agent stone to help our team I dont believe we will win our first championship since '86 because of a big bat and a bigger ego. Alex Rodriguez might help us get past the Phillies and Braves but it wont beat a Red Sox team with brilliant pitching. The Red Sox just had another parade in Boston because of Beckett, Schilling, Dice-K, and Lester. I like most of you catch myself dreaming of A-rod crushing a Smoltz fastball off the scoreboard at Shea. I like the sounds of it on paper but I want another World Series title more. Its easy to look at A-rod's numbers and fall in love but what cant be measured is the effect it will have in the clubhouse and to the guys sitting in the dugout. Moving Wright away from third would be the beginning of the end. While were at it lets trade for Miguel Tejada and move Reyes behind the plate. This team is right where it needs to be as far as the core of the team. With a few more quality arms and the fire that we will get back next season this is a real good team. Let A-rod go to another team and watch as another city has an MVP but no World Series parade.

ANG said...

I think a lot of Met fans believe that they can't have the best of both worlds. We can have the best offensive players in baseball and the best pithcer in baseball. There is no reason we can't. From what I see not many clubs have the package to go after Santana and that helps the Mets a great deal. As for falling in love with A-Roda's numbers yes that is true but why not I ask? You have to remember just b/c we might go after A-Rod deosn't mean we can't bring in better pitching. I don't think changing David's position is the end of the world. If the best player in baseball can go to the Yankees and change his position why can't David. Imagine the infield we would have which only benefits the pitching staff. So again signing A-Rod is only part of this years puzzle.

daren said...

I agree that we can probably bring in the best of both worlds in A-rod and a starting pitcher. We did it with Beltran and Pedro. My problem is this. With this attitude we are starting to look like the Yankees of the past seven years. Bringing in hired guns that block positions for our homegrown talent. I keep looking at this years Boston team. They have some hired guns, just as we do but they have some great young talent in Pedroia, Ellsbury and Bucholtz. I'm as excited as I have ever been about a Mets team with what we have in Wright, Reyes and some promising young arms in Humber and Pelfrey. I just feel like we are creating a bad situation when we start bringing in all these guys and dumping loads of money at there feet. We need young, hungry guys with a mix of veterans like Alou who are about team first. When you get these big contracts in the clubhouse it undermines the team first attitude. I'm not saying its not allright to bring in a big name player if he is a good fit. I'm not sure A-rod is a good fit. All I hear is too much money, position switches for our homegrown talent, and trading away good clubhouse veterans. I dont like the sounds of it.

The Man said...

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ANG said...

Does anyone think that A-Rod would move to play 1st base? That would leave everyone where they are and would solve the Delgado trade space. What do you all think?