November 20, 2007

Lo Duca Looking For 3 Or 4 Year Deal

At Rotoworld they write about Paul Lo Duca and what he hopes to get out of free agency:

According to New York Newsday, Paul Lo Duca is asking for a three- or four-year deal worth at least $6 million per season.

There's been speculation that the Mets simply aren't interested in having Lo Duca back, but perhaps his asking price is playing a bigger factor than most think. He's going to have a hard time getting over $20 million from any team after hitting .272 with a 689 OPS as a 35-year-old in 2007.


Anonymous said...

he cant really think that he can get 4 does he

Anonymous said...

2 would be the logical choice

Anonymous said...

he would have to go to the american league

Anonymous said...

he has to be on somethig if he thinks he can get that kind of a deal from the mets