November 09, 2007

Mets Interested In Burnett?

At Gotham Baseball Magazine they write about the availability of Blue Jays Starting Pitcher A.J. Burnett:

One interesting development of late, and sure to be discussed this week among the Mets' brain trust, is the possible availability of Blue Jays' right-hander A. J. Burnett.

On condition of anonymity, one East Coast-based baseball official says that much of the recent talk by Toronto GM J.P. Riccardi that he's not really looking to do much this offseason is really "means that he's not allowed to anything, except drop payroll."

"He'd love to move that contract, and given (Omar) Minaya's love for power pitchers, that's a deal I think will be discussed."


Anonymous said...

i wouldnt be that interested in him

Anonymous said...

he gets hurt entirely too much

Anonymous said...

i think he could be a good option if the mets cant land any of the twins or as pitchers