November 13, 2007

Mets May Focus On Livan

Ben Shpigel at The New York Times writes about the Mets and their possible interest in Livan Hernandez:

As always, Minaya is on the lookout for pitching, but there may be only one member of an underwhelming crop of free agents that he may seriously consider. That would be Liván Hernández, the half-brother of Orlando Hernández. Liván Hernández could offset the expected loss of Tom Glavine, who has pitched more than 198 innings in each of the last four seasons. The 204 1/3 innings Hernández pitched for Arizona last season were his fewest since 1999 (199 2/3).


Anonymous said...

this should and will be a mistake for themets to sign anoter old pitcher

Anonymous said...

how well did this work out for the padres with the giles's

Anonymous said...

i say do it if there is no alternitive