November 27, 2007

Mets Will Not Part With Wright, Reyes Or Beltran For Santana

Mark Hale at The New York Post writes about the Mets and what they won't part with to get Johan Santana:

Santana has one year left on his deal at $13.25 million, so a negotiating window (typically 72 hours) would be needed for the Mets to try to come up with a new pact. If the Mets are to trade for Santana, though, they will not be including any of their three core offensive players in the deal: Jose Reyes, David Wright and Carlos Beltran would all be off limits. Beltran actually has a no-trade clause anyway, as does Santana.


Anonymous said...

one would hope that omar was smarter than that

Anonymous said...

even if we got santana for one of those three...we would only be hurting the team in the long run anyway so its not even worth it

Steve from Norfolk said...

According to Cot's, Beltran does not have a no-trade clause. At least it's not shown there.