November 17, 2007

Breaking News:: Torrealba negotiations break down

What was once considered a "done deal" now seems to be completely dead as Newsday is now reporting that talks between the Mets and Yorvit Torrealba have completely broken down.

From Newsday...
"The Mets' negotiations with Yorvit Torrealba collapsed on Saturday and the free-agent catcher will not be headed to Shea for next season after all.

The two sides already had agreed on a three-year contract worth $14.4-million and it appeared that the only remaining holdup to an official announcement was a physical. But a person familiar with the situation said Saturday that the Torrealba deal was dead and the team confirmed it.

"The Mets did not reach an agreement with Yorvit Torrealba," Mets spokesman Jay Horwitz said, "and there are no current negotiations.""
...well, for all those who hated the Yorvit signing, take a deep breath and wallow in your happiness... the question is...who is our catcher next season...i'd really love a guy like Ronnie Paulino, if he is available...



Anonymous said...

that means that lo duca is still alive in the race

Anonymous said...

hardly...lo duca was never in the race to begin with