November 30, 2007

Say It Ain't So, Omar! - Mets Trade Milledge

Well, so much for Lastings Milledge either starting in right for us next season or being a centerpiece in a deal for a top of the rotation starter. Omar traded Lastings to the Nationals today, as per WFAN, in exchange for 32-year old catcher Brian Schneider and 29 year old right-fielder Ryan Church. Both were former Expos when Omar ran that team, and maybe he knows something that we don't, but I find it hard to get excited about a decent defensive catcher (Schneider) who is a liability at the plate, and an outfielder who had a career year last season with 15 dingers and 70 RBI's, totals that Milledge would surely surpass if he had a chance to play a full season for the Mets. Unless both players are going to be re-packaged to Baltimore in a deal for Bedard, this is another trade I'm not real happy about. On top of that, I was actually in the minority who thought that getting Estrada was a good move, as he'd have something to prove this season, one in which he seemed to be healthier than he'd been since his all-star season of 2004. It's been a looooong off-season so far, and the Winter Meetings aren't even here yet.

One potential trade proposal- Schneider, Heilman, Pelfrey, Niese and Gomez for Bedard, Hernandez and Bradford....what do you think?


dave said...

I'll sign in blood for that trade. Not gonna happen though.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that this trade is a head scratcher. Maybe Omar is thinking on a different level but we gave up one of our best prospects for what? What happened to pitching? I look forward to seeing what happens at the winter meetings because it good get ugly if Milledge goes on to hit up to his potential in Washington.

rmeli said...

I agree, I'd love this trade, but that would be way too much for them to give up. They would probably trade one of the two Bedard or Hernandez, and not Bradford because their bullpen was awful too, they wouldn't trade their best asset to their bullpen. Omar does seem like he forgot about the pitching. Watch, we play Milledge 18 or 19 times next year, lets put an over under on how many games he beats us.

David Rubin & Jonathan Elfenbein said...

Actually, the Orioles need to pare payroll, and they admitted that signing Bradford and the other 2 relievers was not their greatest move (hello, Jim D!) In releiving themselves of Hernandez, Bedard and Bradford, they'd shave almost 20 million dollars in yearly payroll and replace that with young players under contract. Actually, with the trade today, Schneider might be more enticing then Estrada for the O's as he could tutor their young pitching. The O's also aren't too happy with Hernandez, and couldn't sign Bedard to an extension, according to today's Baltimore papers. It's less far-fetched than you'd think, believe me!

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