November 06, 2007

Valentin And Lawrence Declined

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Network Member):

Pitching aside, one of the biggest differences between 2006 & 2007 was Jose Valentin. In the field he was able to keep Reyes in the game and at the plate he had a number of big hits. Valentin hurt himself by not having the recommended surgery, attempting to rehab the knee only to come back and break a bone in the leg. It was never determined whether the leg injury was just a freak happening or from compensating for the knee. Because Valentin waited it is unclear when he'll be healthy and where he'll be at (physically) come spring training. The are expected to decline his option and at best if he doesn't catch on with another team he'll get an invite to spring training. Starting pitching Brian Lawrence's option is also expected to be declined.

By tomorrow, the Mets plan to decline team options on Jose Valentin ($4.3 million) and Brian Lawrence, making both free agents. The Mets won't rule out Valentin returning, but because it's uncertain whether he will be fully recuperated from knee surgery by spring training, it's expected he would only be invited to Port St. Lucie on an nonguaranteed, minor-league deal at most. source Daily News


Anonymous said...

cant say i didnt see that one coming

Anonymous said...

looks like your going to have to put a valentin jersey in your sidebar john