November 07, 2007

Wright And Beltran Take Home The Gold

Marty Noble at writes about David Wright, Carlos Beltran and them both recieving the Gold Glove for the 2007 season

"I'd like to be known," he said, "as a player who does everything above average. And I think going 30-30 would be an indication that I do at least two things well."

And now there is an indication, not to mention tangible evidence, that Wright excels in another facet of the game: defense. The Mets' third baseman has won a Gold Glove.

"I really take pride in my defense and I try to keep improving and improving each season." Beltran said. "It's nice to be recognized for your hard work."

Wright became the second Mets third baseman to win a Gold Glove; Robin Ventura won in 1999, the same year shortstop teammate Rey Ordonez won his third. This year and 1999 are the only years the Mets have had more than one winner. The club now has won 17, six by first baseman Keith Hernandez (1983-1988). Beltran and Ordonez are the only other Mets to win more than one.


Anonymous said...

now they cant even think about moving wright.

Anonymous said...

the only bad thing about seeing the gold glove list was rollins name on it

Anonymous said...

good job guys and lets see you 2 defend the titles you won