December 09, 2007

Andrew's Site: Ripping Off Shea Nation & Facing A Lawsuit!

Editor's Note: As of today, Monday, December 10th, this issue has been resolved and the website has been shut down. We posted a thank you above to our fans and blogger friends. Please see above!

By John Young & David Rubin, owners & Editors of Shea Nation

Dear loyal readers of Shea Nation:
There is a website (whom we won't dignify by publishing their web address) who is blatantly ripping off Shea Nation - they publish every article we write, word for word, without editing but without crediting. We are going to post the following letter to "Andrew" the owner of that blog, who is about to face som major legal hassles. We are posting this to spread the word to other bloggers so they are protected from a similar fate, but also so that anyone reading that site, thinking that their friend or enemy Andrew is writing this will know better, as every word we write here will automatically repeat itself there...

Andrew,We just found your site and noticed how you like to STEAL, word for word, each and every post that SHEA NATION posts (that's, with no "www" at the start, for those who want to read these posts in their original and LEGAL form) without crediting the original authors. By the way, "Andrew", that is patently illegal and our lawyers will be contacting you shortly (one from New York, one from Los Angeles, as you are guilty of theft of intellectual property, across state lines, to boot!)

We wish we could say we're flattered, but we're not! At Shea Nation, we go to great pains to credit everyone whom we quote from, which you would know, having stolen everything we write, including hyper-links to these other sites. Instead of acting in that moral and legal fashion, you simply choose to steal our words without seems from your blog, from about 2 years ago, that you are either in high school or college, so we are pretty confident you know right from wrong, at least as far as what constitues outright theft! If you did this on your exams, which we can't say either way, you'd be expelled from school - should we perform an investigation? We will, if this keeps up!

Your little “Stroke Of (Mindless) Genius” blog on Andrew’s Site, or rather “Jonathan, David, John and the rest of the Networks stroke of genius" is only going to cause you to have a "stroke" when you see the legal bills you will have accumulated as we sue you, including our court costs, and we KNOW that judges LOVE these kinds of cases to make examples of felons like yourself (and that is what you are, Andrew- so consider this a "stroke of criminally-minded genius that will land you in jail" as your site header).

At first when we discovered your site we thought it was just a Burn Feeder sight and wrote it off, but once we started reading through all of your past pages, we came to the realization that it was nothing more than a RSS Feed rip off of Shea Nation. We can’t say that we're surprised. Just earlier this year we discovered a sight that stole our entire layout and put an end to that!!

So, Andrew, we here at Shea Nation have one demand for you as we hold you hostage for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT! That’s right, we said copyright infringement…or didn’t you notice the little disclaimer at the footer of Shea Nation? Take down your little “Stroke Of Mindless Genius” pieces of Shea Nation that you have been posting since the beginning of May and we’ll just consider it done and over with or this could get messy for your Arts Major self.

David has been dealing with deaths in his family and major illness, and you have published each and every line to every one of his posts, including ones pertaining to these specific issues, as if they belonged to your site- are you that stupid and inconsiderate? We guess so- and again, a judge will NOT look kindly on your violations when this is cited, too.

So with all this said, take all of these articles and columns off of your site or, as our little magic 8 ball has predicted, bad things are about to ensue for you and your “Andrew’s Site” as you find the long arm of the law pointed squarely in your direction!!!!

John Young & David Rubin & Jonathan Elfenbein
Shea Nation

PS- We apologize to our regular readers, as again, the only reason we have written this on Shea Nation is because Andrew has an RSS rip on us and it will also appear front and center on his site.


Andrew V. said...

go get 'em guys!!

Andrew V. said...

Check you e-mail right now.
It's pretty urgent.
-Andrew V.

Tommy said...

that's sick hope you sue the crap outta him!

Andrew V. said...

If someone would just e-mail me about this, I can tell you whats happening here...