December 14, 2007

Delcos Now Sees Clemens As He Sees Bonds

Over at the Lo Hud blog, John Delcos saysthat he now has to view Roger Clemens as he sees Barry Bonds:

All those years covering Roger Clemens and much was made about his work ethic and long and hard training programs. Yes, I saw him work, but I didn’t know how he was fueled. Clemens attributed his success to how hard he worked, and now it is known why he was able to work so hard.

It’s a shame, really. For me, I have to look at Clemens with the same skepticism as I do Barry Bonds.


Anonymous said...

and now no one can blame him

Anonymous said...

who didnt see this one coming???

Anonymous said...

if you go to david and jonathan's last post they give you an example of how they called it a long time ago

Anonymous said...