December 03, 2007

It's a Disgrace!

The Hall-of-Fame vote is in, and Bowie Kuhn, perhaps the worst commissioner in the history of the sport, was voted in along with late Dodgers' owner (and Brooklyn enemy) Walter O'Malley, manager Dick Williams from the legendary A's teams (but not Davey Johnson or Billy Martin) and former Pirates owner, Barney Dreyfuss and manager (Cards) Billy Southworth. It is sad that Union founder, Marvin Miller, was not voted in, as he had the greatest impact on the game (good or bad) of anyone on the ballot. Of course, it's hard to expect to be voted in by a jury of your "peers" when none of them are very keen as to how Miller changed the game (free agency, arbitration, etc.) I have never been a fan of Kuhn, especially not after reading his terrible book, and being a union guy, have always appreciated Miller, additionally so after reading his book. Let's hope this is righted next vote (in 2 years, I believe). It will be harder for me to visit the hall, knowing that Bowie has been enshrined.

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Anonymous said...

well david and jonathan...time gives people the oppratunity to forget and forget they have