December 28, 2007

Lieber Not

(Brought to you by Mets Prospects)
The Mets have recently been linked to Pitcher John Lieber. The only question I ask is why. Lieber is 37 years old but looks 50. Last season he only started 12 games due to injury and went 3-6 with a solid 4.73 era. In 2006 he was even worse; 9-11 with a 4.83 era but at least he started 27 games. So why would the Mets want him. I guess they want "experience" or "veteran leadership", but this ex-phillie is no better than humber, pelfrey, and probably even mulvey. So give one of these kids a chance and hopefully the Mets do not waste their time and money on the John Lieber.


Anonymous said...

another phillie outcast...please no

Anonymous said...

i would rather have lohse

Anonymous said...

how about none