December 07, 2007

Mets A Distant Third

At Rotoworld they write about Johan Santana and the remaining three teams in the hunt, for which the Mets are a distant third:

The Boston Herald reports that "it remains a near certainty" that Johan Santana "will be dealt, most likely to the Yankees or the Red Sox."

The newspaper speculates that the Mets are "a distant third right now" and suggests that a Santana trade could come "later this month or early in the new year." With Angels general manager Tony Reagins saying Thursday that he's not in the market for starting pitching and the Dodgers' interest in Santana unclear, it's starting to look like a three-team race.


Anonymous said...

then we should just give it up

Anonymous said...

they should wait around and see if theyanks or red sox are really in it and if they're not then we should pounce

Anonymous said...

forget it...its never gonna happen