December 18, 2007

Mets Kick The Benson Tires

Barry M. Bloom at writes about the teams who went to see Kris Benson throw 60 pitches in Arizona on Monday. Among the many teams were the Mets:

It was 60 degrees and sunny on Monday in Phoenix as scouts gathered to watch Benson take his surgically repaired arm out of mothballs. Among the group were members of the Yankees, Mets, Astros, Nationals and Phillies, all looking for pitching help.

Reports were good, as Benson showed little wear and tear after missing the 2007 season in Baltimore because of surgery to repair a torn labrum. Benson felt no pain, said his agent, Greg Clifton.


Anonymous said...

taking steps backwards every chance we can get i guess

Anonymous said...

he tires out too early and omar got rid of him for a reason you know

Anonymous said...

ill take him as an absolute last option

rmeli said...

i have no problem with the signing of benson or prior, this way you keep pelfrey and humber in the minors and if needed, then promote them. I think it would be great, he was our number two starter two years ago, and was pretty good. If he is finally healed from his injuries, then he can return or his spot. Otherwise, Prior is ever healthy is the better way to go.