December 15, 2007

Mets, Yankees Interested in Prior

from Shea Nation network member, Tommy Marcus, at

When I was watching SNY a few minutes ago, they said that both the Mets and Yankees have expressed interest in the former star and now injury-prone free agent, Mark Prior.

I really wouldn’t have a problem with them signing him, cause taking a chance sometimes pays off.

If they can get him for a cheap price, which I am sure they can (most likely nobody will give him the big bucks because of fear of injury, and he is definitely not as good as he used to be, he is really not too good anymore), so if they go ahead and get him, fine.


Anonymous said...

so is everyone else

Anonymous said...

thats right lets go after a guy that cant stay healthy that will solve all the mets problems

Anonymous said...

Is there no END to the madness?? PRIOR!! Even if he is healthy fora year. what young guy who could pitch for 5-10 years will be denied a chance. NO NO NO

Heyitsmeomar said...

Why should we go after him if hes "not too good?"