December 10, 2007

Perry at Picks Mets for First!

It's very early still, and all of the trades and free agent signings haven't been finalized, but in his column for Fox today, Dayn Perry picks the Mets' to finish first in the East, followed by the Phillies and Braves. From Perry's column:

At this early hour, we give the nod to the Mets mostly because Carlos Delgado figures to rebound, the David Wright-Carlos Beltran-Jose Reyes trio is exceptional, they've upgraded at catcher (mostly by getting rid of Paul Lo Duca), and they're better poised to pull off a major trade than the Braves and Phillies are. It's a very tough call, though.

To read all of Perry's early predictions, click here. It's already been a looooooong off-season, and we're only about half-way finished, so it's nice to see SOMEONE agree with us that the Mets are still the team to beat in the NL East, if not the National League.


Anonymous said...

atleast someone like us

Anonymous said...

way too early to predict these things