December 05, 2007

Scouts Don't Like Humber

David Lennon at On The Mets Beat writes about an American League Scout who isn't too fond of Philip Humber:

Just talked to an American League scout who watched Philip Humber extensively last season and was not impressed. In fact, when his team suggested making a deal for Humber, as part of a package for one of their regular starters, this scout helped shoot it down. While Humber's curve ball is definitely a plus, he's not viewed as a top quality prospect by other clubs, and that's hurting the Mets' efforts to include him in a deal for an elite starter like the Orioles' Erik Bedard or the A's Dan Haren.


Anonymous said...

well i guess i can see where they are coming from

Anonymous said...

he just needs to prove to the scouts what the mets know hes capable of

Anonymous said...

then keep him and throw pelfrey into the mix we have to do something and fast