December 03, 2007

What Do the A's Want for Dan Haren?


According to's Jayson Stark, the Oakland Athletics have made it clear what they want from the Mets if they want to get Dan Haren.

According to Stark, Billy Beane has said that it will take Carlos Gomez and top minor league prospect, Fernando Martinez, to secure Dan Haren in a trade.

I found it a little surprising that Beane wouldn't require a pitcher in return since it appears he's wholesaling his entire starting rotation. If the Mets made this deal they'd in essence would give up their entire outfield of youth (Milledge, Gomez, Martinez).

Long term what this means is that they'll need to make a deal next year to replace Moises Alou, and if Ryan Church has a bad season and bats .230 we might need to replace him as well. I'm hopeful about Church, but I'm cautious to give up both Martinez and Gomez. I'd much rather package in a pitcher or two instead of one of them.

If the A's offer is legit it's not an unreasonable one, and you have to ask yourself is it easier to replace young outfielders or a young starting pitcher?

Still there's much left to be decided and we just have to sit and wait for the cards to be dealt.


Anonymous said...

that is truley a hard decision to make if i were omar

Anonymous said...

thats not an insane request to make by any means

Anonymous said...

its alot harder to get pitching than hitting...end of story

Anonymous said...

hard to swollow but i would have to say do it