December 05, 2007

Yo, A.J. - You Comin' Over Here?

No, not A.J. Soprano, but the Blue Jays own, A.J. Burnett, the oft-injured starter signed as a Free Agent (and previously Marlins' property). The latest rumor that we're hearing is that we still don't have enough to acquire a top-line starter, and may trade with the Blue Jays, which would enable us to offer a lesser package of prospects, probably with-holding Aaron Heilman to boot. Burnett, when healthy, has wicked stuff, but the only problem is - he's rarely healthy. If the cost isn't too prohibitive (he does have the ability to opt out of his deal), Burnett is another one of those "high risk/high reward" type of players we might have no choice but to take a chance on. It would probably take a combo of Pelfrey, Church or Gomez and a high-end, younger talent like a Guerra or Dylan Owen. I've also heard Mark Prior rumblings, but don't think they'll amount to much. Freddie Garcia would be interesting, but he won't be able to return to the mound from his injury until June or July; didn't the Mets' learn when Dice-K didn't perform up to expectations last season? Keep away from Kuroda! Not much news on the Colon front, but we're still hearing (ESPN, Fox, SI) that the Mets are keen on Livan Hernandez. I am hoping we come away with something far greater than Livan- I'd even be willing to sign Carlos Silva first, as he is younger and has better stuff at this stage of his career than Livan does.

Finally, after that incredible Marlins trade, perhaps anything is still possible- even Santana hasn't been traded yet! (That DOESN'T mean we will ever have a shot at him, UNLESS he plays out the season and files for Free Agency!) Have a great night- tomorrow (Wednesday) should be just as crazy!!!!


Anonymous said...

if we could get a hold of him i would be happy with that

Anonymous said...

hes the kind of low risk high reward guy that omar loves...just look at maine perez and el duque