January 02, 2008

Noble On Kazmir

Marty Noble at Mets.com answers a question about the Mets looking into acquiring Scott Kazmir from the Rays:

Why not trade for Scott Kazmir? He would be a low-budget improvement to the rotation without giving up all of the future. -- Joe F., Apalachin, N.Y.

Why would a team want to trade a proven ace of its staff? It's not like Omar Minaya could just give the Rays a shout and say, "We're ready to take Kazmir off your hands because you want to help us."

I'm certain you'd be surprised how few clubs are in a hurry to help the Mets make a big trade. Kazmir would be a nice acquisition. But it's highly unlikely the Mets could deal for another club's primary starting pitcher without creating a void on their roster -- even if that club wanted to deal.


Anonymous said...

well put Marty!!!

Anonymous said...

thats a reply that is one for the ages

Anonymous said...

can we put kazmir in the past and try to move on people

Anonymous said...

what a bad time in mets history