January 08, 2008

Play Like They Punched Your Mothers

Ceetar at Optimistic Mets Fan writes about the upcoming 2008 season and how he thinks the Mets should play:

You know how the the Patriots played after being caught cheating in week 1? That's how I see the Mets next year. Up 9-2 going into the 9th? Why not go for another run? There will be no 'taking it for granted'. And I don't care if it pisses off Hanley Ramirez or anyone else. I want them to take the confidence of 2007, but not think they deserve anything. They should go out and play the Phillies(and the Braves and Marlins and Nationals) like they punched their mothers.


Anonymous said...

thats a great quote...play like they punched your mothers...classic

Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading optimistic mets fan, would it be possible to let him in on your network john?

Ceetar said...

18 days!

If Jimmy Rollins makes a similar comment, I want to see David Wright respond with something like "They can be the team to beat on paper, we'll be the team to beat on the field."