January 29, 2008

What a steal

This deal is an absolute steal. First off the Mets traded for one of the best pitchers in baseball without giving up any major league talent. They kept their current team the same and just added a star pitcher. Secondly, the Mets did not trade Fernando Martinez who is now the only big outfield prospect in the Mets system after the departures of Milledge and Gomez. Thirdly, the Mets gave up only 4 prospects when there were previous talks of 6 or 7.

For a Full Analysis of Gomez, Humber, Guerra, and Mulvey vist Mets Prospects

1 comment:

Ceetar said...

Yup. My thoughts exactly. It's a good day to be a bartender in Philadelphia.

Gomez/Humber will soon be mere names on someone else's roster, not debated about how they need to help this team win.