February 20, 2008

Martinez Intends To Make Shea Debut This Year

At Courant.com writes about Fernando Martinez and how he is saying that we will see him at Shea Stadium this year:

Fernando Martinez was not trying to boast when he told reporters Tuesday that he planned on playing at Shea at some point this season. Just the thought of it brought a smile to his face, and Martinez, despite his incredible talent, does not seem to be a cocky player on the surface.

"This year you'll see me in New York," Martinez said.

Martinez drilled pitch after pitch onto the grassy berm beyond the wall in right field. He also shagged fly balls in center with long, effortless strides.


Anonymous said...

thats a pretty bold statement to make there

Anonymous said...

i can see bringing him up if he hit .400 and belts 20 home runs by the all star break but besides that i cant see it

Shea It Ain't So said...

Well If Alou goes down which we all expect and with Chavez banged up there is an actual chance we will see him this season.