February 25, 2008

Met Community- Let's Help One of Our Own!!!!!!

I received this email a little while ago from Kathy Foronjy, creator of the Mets' film "Mathematically Alive," and it concerns a fallen Mets' fan. We've all seen footage of him - the "crazy Mets fan in the Orange and Blue Dr. Seuss hat" - or possibly you've seen him in person - his name is Matt Hoey and he's a Mets' fan! As someone who recently suffered a huge personal loss, I know that my spirits were lifted seeing support from all of you on this site - and now I ask you to throw that support behind Matt's recovery. Please read the email, and send him an email of support- every little bit helps- for him AND his family! Matt- god bless, brother, and get well soon- we've got a World Series to win!!!!
I'm writing to let the Mets community know that a friend really needs our prayers and support. You all probably know Matt Hoey because he's been first in line for tickets at Shea for the last seven years. If you don't know him personally you've probably seen or heard about the fan who wears the orange & blue Dr. Seuss hat. Matt was in a accident this weekend and was hurt pretty badly. Joe & I are in shock and still trying to figure out what we can do to help.Matt is one of the nicest, most genuine human beings we've ever met and he's most passionate about the Mets. We think the best thing to do right now is to send Matt support and love from his largest group of friends. We've created an email for those who want to offer sentiments to Matt & his family. GetWellMatt@mathematicallyalive.com. His wife Tracey will pass the messages along to Matt. Please take a minute out of your day to send a supportive message to our friend Matt Hoey.For those who have blogs or post in forums please pass the information along. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for showing some love to Matt.
Kathy Foronjy & Joseph Coburn

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Anonymous said...

It happened on the radio on k-104 wspk upstate NY. He was being pulled by a car on a snow tube and hit a tree on the Chris Marino morning show its too bad. We should all say a prayer for him. He is a fallen family memeber.