February 22, 2008

A More Vocal Beltran

John Harper at The Daily News writes about Carlos Beltrand and how he's stepping up:

In fact, the Quiet Man understands that he has put himself front and center in a rivalry that is beginning to percolate, and he seems to be embracing the idea.

"I know probably when we go to Philly I'm going to hear a lot of things," Beltran said with a smile yesterday. "But that's all right, I'm not worried about that.

"This is good for baseball. A lot of people are focusing on the steroids thing. We're putting the focus back on the game."

He's right about that. Fans are surely starving for reasons to pay attention to the game again, not steroids, and this byplay between Beltran and Rollins whets the appetite for the Mets' home opener at Shea in six weeks against guess who.

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hell must have frozen over